Pricing Plans


Just point your dApp to one of our Endpoints and you're all set!
  • — up to 10,000 REST requests per day
  • — up to 10,000 GraphQL queries per day
  • — up to 3 requests per second
  • — Real-time data analytics

Set Your Stakeline

30 Days

NOTE: The LONGER your stakeline, the LESS assets required for Plan activation.


Our entire suite of resources and services are available to Free and Open Source Software projects.


NFT Registration

What's included

  • All resources provided in the dApp Plan are provided in this exclusive package for ALL Nexican builders.


Everything your team will need to launch and support the MVP of your first Nexa dApp.

150 $AVAS Premium for 30 Days

Active Stakeline

What's included

  • 50,000* REST requests/day
  • 50,000* Compute Units
  • 60** build minutes/month
  • Real-time Monitoring and Reporting for 1 dApp
  • Customer Support response within 24 hours
* up to 10 requests per second** up to 1 running VM at a time


When it's time to scale, we've got your covered 100% with elastic resources at your disposal.

600 $AVAS Premium for 30 Days

Activate Stakeline

What's included

  • 500,000* REST requests/day
  • 500,000* Compute Units
  • 10** build hours/month
* up to 50 requests per second** up to 3 running VMs at a time


When your application becomes the next BIG sensation, we're ready to deliver the bandwidth you'll need.

Custom 24x7 Uptime + Support

Request a Quote

What's included

  • Unlimited REST requests
  • Unlimited* Compute Units
  • Unlimited** build time
unlimited requests per secondunlimited running VMs at a time

Premium Benefits

We guarantee that you will enjoy a PREMIUM Builder Experience (BX) when you upgrade to one of our value-packed Premium plans.

Blockchain Database

We're proud to deliver the fastest, most reliable on-chain data for use in your dApps.

Real-time Notifications

Subscribe to one or more real-time alerts from a catalogue of on-chain actions.

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Keyboard shortcuts

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Generate custom PDF reports related to addresses and transactions.


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Mobile App

Stay informed about important on-chain activities even when you're on-the-go!

The world's most innovative companies use our app


Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

What is a Compute Unit (CU)?
A compute unit is a measure of the requests needed to query computationally expensive API endpoints. Each request has both CU Weight and Archive CU Weight that are measured in terms of compute units.
Why do I need Compute Units (CUs)?
Some requests are more expensive than others. By giving some heavy requests higher weight, we ensure that you only pay for what you use and not a cent more.